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How LED Grow Lights Work In Growing Cannabis

650 Published by admin May 09,2018


For the last few years LED Grow Lights for growing cannabis has gained significant popularity among indoor cannabis cultivators. Though light emitting diodes (LEDs) have been there since 1960s, they were not able to produce a wide spectrum of light and color until later on. LED Grow Light have also been expensive making them not an option to use in cannabis grow rooms compared to other lighting options such as HPS and HID.

Due to demand for efficient lighting, LEDs have increased in quality and dropped in price. For now you might be wondering if LED Grow Lights are the best for growing cannabis; here is how they work:

LED Grow Light

How Do LED Grow Lights Work?

Generally, LED Grow Lights work by passing a current through a semiconductor to produce light. The light energy which is used to grow cannabis is produced from moving electrons in the semiconductor. LEDS used to be only in red spectrum but today they produce almost any color ranging from infrared to ultraviolet light wavelengths.

LED Colors

Colors produced by LEDs are released through the action occurring on the P-N junction of the semiconductors. This is the junction where p-type semiconductor and p-type semiconductor materials emit light resulting in color variation.

Some of the common light spectrums produced by LEDs for growth of cannabis include full spectrum, 3, 5 and 11 bands. These different colors are used to trigger or stimulate the type of growth in different cannabis plants. For example:

  • Red, far-red, yellow and amber LED Light spectrums are used pre-flowering and the flowering stages of cannabis growth. In simple they are used during the reproductive phase of cannabis growth.
  • Blue spectrum LED Grow Lights are used during the vegetative stages of cannabis growth.

To be frank, indoor growth of cannabis using LED Growth Lights can be successful from the germination to harvest phases of cannabis growth.  If you want to grow your cannabis plants and end up with successful yield, using best LED Grow Lights especially the full spectrum can do you good.

Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

If you take blue or red LED Grow Lights, you will not allow your cannabis plants grow to their full potential like with full spectrum LED Grow Light (white LED Grow Light). White or full spectrum LED Grow Light produces significant light which is almost similar to that produced by the sun (natural light). Even if you choose to use blue and red lights together, you will still have gaps in your growth.

LED Grow Light

Thermal Regulation By LEDs

LED Grow Lights do not produce a lot of heat as other LED Grow Lights do making them more efficient for cannabis growth. This efficiency is because LEDs do not burn filament to produce light. LED Grow Lights create a cooler environment for the growth of cannabis plants and also save energy which could be used to create heat energy.

Since they produce less heat, LED Grow Lights can be hanged close to the plants which allow proper distribution of light for proper cannabis growth.

LED Lens

One thing that make LED Grow Lights the best for cannabis growth is that they don’t need external reflectors to help focus light efficiently. These lights have minimized the need for reflectors as they use lens to help focus light on plant canopy. The plastic shell of LED bulbs entails a full LED system with a chip that act as lens to help boost light out of the semiconductor.

Best LED Grow Lights are designed to direct light on plant canopy with a 90-degree angle. Wide degree of light can light a wide area but will have low light intensity to facilitate cannabis growth.


How LED Grow Lights Work In Growing Cannabis

  For the last few years LED Grow Lights for growing cannabis has gained significant popularity...

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